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MTB Videos

My favorite MTB Videos

Chris Akrigg Five

Check out the new ‘Five’ video from Chris Akrigg, back from breaking his leg… twice! It’s gotta be one of the best MTB videos I’ve seen for ages.

Industrial Revolutions

Another inspiring Danny Macaskill video. This guy is as close to the trials messiah on wheels as it gets I reckon. Every move looks so fluid and natural (ignoring the gazillion hours of practice etc of course!)

Really enjoyed how Industrial Revolutions was shot too – composition, lighting, shallow depth of field, awesome industrial setting.

I’d rather be Klunking

MTB 1970’s style. Dirty, stinking hippies… love it! 🙂

Klunking is best away from the cops, the cars and the concrete.

Yeah I’d rather be klunking too!

Atherton Project 2011

I’ve definitely become an Atherton Project junkie, some classic episodes this year too. Following the Gee, Rachel and Dan’s progress from race to race makes for good viewing, but it’s their off track antics that set it off imo.

Episode 4: Rides in Redbull acrobatic plane

Episode 3: A visit from Danny Macskill

Episode 1: Racing hire scooters