With things starting to settle down after moving house it was time to get out on the 24″ GUni and make the most of a beautiful, clear Winter’s day.

I headed down the Campbells Creek Walking/Cycling Track for the first time and had a fun high speed cruise. The cycling track passes under the Victorian Goldfields Railway which runs steam trains between Castlemaine and Maldon several times a week. Love steam trains, so with some time to spare headed back towards Maldon on single track that runs up and down bush gullies alongside the line hoping to meet the train along the way.

I’ve ridden the single track a few times before including on the KH 36’er in the opposite direction and during the Festival of the Wheel. The combination of high gear, the big fat tire and 150mm cranks made for a fun ride, lots of speed and definitely a lot more stability over loose rocky surfaces (compared to a 36’er). After hearing a few whistle blows in the distance it wasn’t long before the ground was shaking as the steam train hauled past.

Just awesome, and only a few minutes uni ride from home.

Victorian Goldfields Railway
Victorian Goldfields Railway

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