Had a fun ride with Indi along the Campbells Creek Bike Track. Most of the track is in good condition even though it had been flooded, it’s mainly sections around the bridges that are washed away and need repair. Perfect timing too, arriving at the old trestle bridge just as the steam train passed over.

The 29’er isn’t fast enough to keep up with Indi on bike tracks like this so I took the 36’er along (last time I rode it was in April, 5 months ago, that’s crazy!). The big wheel feels great. Indi is getting into the swing of things too, letting her bike run on the downhill sections. The Karvers were still damp, nothing like some warm feet to dry them out 🙂

36'er cruising, Campbells Creek Bike Track
36’er cruising, Campbells Creek Bike Track

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  1. lol don’t know about that – the camera puts on a few pounds they reckon 🙂

    What I do know is my fitness has been sh*t for the last year or so, due to injury and a bunch of life changes, not much riding or any other exercise – time to get some mojo back!

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