The Camelbak bladder has had a slimey feel for a while now… hmm yeah quite a long while. The  Big Bite valve has also been leaking for ages, and the ergolock/tap which gets used a lot due to the leaky bit valve falls apart regularly.  I’ve had the bits and pieces to address all of these things in the drawer for a long time too.

I guess it’s finally time to show the Camelbak M.U.L.E. some love.

Camelbak Cleaning Tabs
Camelbak Cleaning Tabs

I’ve been a fan of Camelbaks since they first came out in the early 90’s and still have the original Camelbak ‘pouch’. The guys I rode with at the time weren’t so impressed with the whole Camelbak thing — the look of the gadget and the sipping water from a clear tube didn’t fit into the manly MTB way. But practically it was a good solution to staying hydrated out on rides. Camelbaks definitely changed me into a constant sipper, so much so I don’t know how guys can go without sips of water for long periods of time when out on rides. In warm conditions the M.U.L.E.’s 3l bladder is good for around 30km.

So… to the Camelbak Cleaning tabs:

Shazaam! No more slime 🙂

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  1. Just a follow up on the Camelbak Cleaning tab post.

    Thought I should mention there was only a slight after taste on the first ride following the clean. Maybe that is what clean water in a clean bladder tastes like!

    Also, wow, should've replaced the Big Bite Valve ages ago. Much nicer when they work and aren't continuously dribbling water all over you.

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