Students at Bullarto Primary School make the front page of the district newspaper… unicycling!

Congratulations guys, you’ve all worked so hard. From assembling the unicycles in early May, to using the training rail and then unicycling out into the open, it’s been great fun and a great adventure with more yet to come.

Many thanks to Sue, Bruce, all of the teachers and parents at Bullarto Primary School for their support.  Most of all, thanks to the kids at Bullarto. You guys rock. Go Uni!

Excerpt from Advocate story:

THERE’S only one thing for certain at Bullarto Primary School and that is unicycling rules. Since parent Pete Walsh caught the bug and introduced the sport to the school, almost all of the students have gone wheel crazy.

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  1. Not only do we rock, we think that Peter Walsh rocks as well, for teaching us and for giving up his time to teach us.

  2. Thanks Keith and Arron! It’s been the best fun I’ve had in a long time, seeing you guys ride off on uni’s is GREAT! 🙂

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