With a few hours to spare I headed out to start mapping the network of trails in the Black Forest with the Garmin 405. I’m not much of a GPS junky but it’s great to have when riding new areas, not to find your way around (that’s what eyes are for IMO) but to have an accurate map afterwards.

Along with the KH Freeride 29’er I also brought the single speed 36’er along just in case.

In addition to the fire trails I mapped ~13km of terrific single track.

Black Forest MUni
Black Forest MUni

There were also extended sections of steep, rough, wet and slippery single track — no pics unfortunately, too busy riding, will return with video — challenging but great fun. The flow and clearance of the 29’er came in handy. I should’ve brought a helmet along.

As always, some classic UPD moments 🙂

Crash here please
Crash here please

I also came across a number of old MTB trails no longer in use, including old skinnies in damp shaded gullies.

2 1/2 hours of really enjoyable 29’er MUni, BOOYAH!

Time to swap to the 36’er for a cool down lap of the fire roads.

After the 29’er the 36’er felt FAST and SMOOTH but also HEAVY!

Looking forward to returning to this area of forest!

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  1. Those trails look so nice. It’s unfortunate that here in Mexicali Mexico where I am living at the present we have to drive pretty far to find any trails so most of the riding is on roads and sometimes real simple xc trails.

  2. Hector for sure it is fortunate around here when it comes to trails, lots of forest though in Summer bushfires are a serious threat. All the more reason to ride more throughout Winter!

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