Always pretty sweet to ride somewhere new! I’ve been meaning to stop in at Beechworth MTB Park on the way to or from Falls Creek and finally got around to it.

The weather has been crazy hot lately – so much for Autumn ATM – so I left Falls at 5.30am to beat the heat down in the valley. After a coffee and pastry at the Beechworth bakery just on sunrise I hit the park, riding both the XC loop and DH track. Both were a great match for the Mojo 3, with the Plus tires especially suited to the low grip loose granitic surface. It was also a┬ábunch of fun messing around on the granite slabs and boulders that litter the park.

I’m looking forward to returning to Beechworth after rain and on a cooler day, along with checking out some of the other ‘less official’ trails said to be in the area.

Beechworth MTB Park

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