I headed up toΒ  Route 44 today with the Mojo HD to see how much of a train wreck the initial layout of the first section of track would turn out to be on a MTB. Straight up a couple of turns sucked pretty bad, some parts were ok-good, others neither here or there. Not really what I was hoping for but sort of what I was expecting.

I ended up doing a dozen or so runs, progressively re-aligning a couple of corners and getting to know the rest of the section. LOTS of work to be done but generally I ended up thinking this section could work ok. Will be interesting to go back in a couple of days, ride it a few more times and see if my impression changes.

I started marking out the next section until the weather crapped out. The return to cold dreary Winter weather has really gotten into my bones, so that was game over for today.

Ibis Mojo HD, Route 44
Ibis Mojo HD, Route 44

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  1. Howdy Pete! How are you going to clear the path you mark out? Bulldozers and explosives should do the job! haha. πŸ™‚

  2. hehe dunno mate! an old Caterpillar D-2 would be magic right about now. I reckon it’ll be a rake, pick and shovel job.

  3. My motto is “If you’re going to do something, do it properly….” Don’t worry about the D2, just get a D11 in. I’ve worked with these monsters before. The only problem is that you’d end up with a landing strip, not single track. Haha.

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