With a couple of hours to spare between lunch and afternoon unicycle sessions at school I headed to the nearest big hill in the Wombat Forest to try out the Nimbus 26″ ISIS MUni.

First impression is that the Nimbus 26″ MUni is one cool piece of machinery, the standout feature being the 3.0″ tire making the working diameter of the 26″  tire only slightly smaller than a 29’er but with the ride benefits of the wider tire and smaller wheel build.

Nimbus 26" Mountain Unicycle
Nimbus 26″ Mountain Unicycle

Babbington Hill Top Track is a challenging climb – washed out, eroded, steep in places, slippery, lots of large loose rocks. It fooled a number of competitors in last year’s MTB Cyclic Navigator thinking a climb to the top would make for easy points. Not so, definitely a leg burning anaerobic climb and also lots of fun to descend.

Babbington Hill Top Track
Babbington Hill Top Track

Without a lot of time to spare it was straight up and down, arriving back at school just in time for the afternoon unicycle session with the kids.

Babbington Hill MUni (Mountain Unicycling)
Babbington Hill MUni

The 26’er has got me thinking that’s for sure…

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  1. Thanks Brian, appreciate it!

    Mark I’m working on the Nimbus 26″ MUni review. Depending on time and weather will also include comparisons with KH29 and KH24.

  2. I’ll be interested to know how you like the 26er vs 29er and 24”. Like Brian said its great that you put so much effort into the site, Thanks Sam.

  3. Sam yeah tricky one!

    I like all three sizes – 24, 26 and 29 – but I don’t know I’d be satisfied with the outcome if I replaced both the 24 and 29 with the 26. Also not sure owning the all three is necessary or makes sense.

    But… if you could have only have one uni, the 26’er is worth a look.

    Better finish up that review and get it posted!

  4. Jamie yeah sorry mate, bit slow on that! My main comments regarding the Nimbus 26″:

    – The feel of the big 26″ Duro tire is GREAT, but it makes for a heavy uni, too heavy IMO.

    – For someone on the short side like me, the 26″ the Nimbus frame design is not knee friendly

    – The Venture cranks have a question mark against them due to probs people have had. Can always swap those out later on.

    – The seat doesn’t agree with my junk. The non adjustable seatpost probably plays a part in this.

    As I mentioned above if you could have only have one uni, the Nimbus 26′er is worth a good look, but for me now with the 24 GUni I would have no use for a 26. I’m even wondering about the 29’er.

  5. Great site! I’m looking to get the 26″ Nimbus. I’m relatively new at this, and live in Colorado and plan on mountain unicycling. Given all that, do you think brakes are necessary on your 26″?

  6. You got that review yet? Great site by the way; you have really put a lot of work into it.

  7. Any updates? 🙂
    Keen to see thoughts on the 26″ and how it compares speed wise, and rolling ability to your 24″ in 1:1.

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