A rainy day, some spare time and home alone away means… kitchen becomes makeshift Mojo MTB Workshop. With radio blasting muzak, perfect opportunity to swap over to the 1×10 drivetrain, sourced from various bargain bins online.

I’m digging the simplicity of the 1x drivetrain and reckon the 1×10/33 chainring/11-36 cassette combo should cover the majority of stuff I like to ride, better than the 1×9/33/11-34.  The drivetrain can always tweaked further with the front chainring. 32 is a backup option as some local trails have sustained steep technical climbs, but I’ll see if I can manage with the 33-36 low gear. The shifts were ok with the 1×9 but not fast and clean by any means. My old Stumpjumper with +15 year old XT shifts better, go figure, so I’m definitely hoping for an improvement in shifting performance on the Mojo with the XT Dynasys based 1×10 drivetrain.

Not necessary for changing over to 1×10, but I’d snaffled an XT crankset on super special so first job was to fit the bottom bracket and crankset — love the design improvements in bottom brackets and cranks since the mid 90’s —  then the XT 11-36 cassette, Shadow rear derailleur, chain and shifter. A bit of fiddling with the stops of the rear derailleur, a quick test ride and tadaa… so far, so good, ready for some fine tuning during rides over the next few (fingers crossed) sunny days.

11-36 XT Cassette, 1x10 MTB Drivetrain
11-36 XT Cassette, 1x10 MTB Drivetrain

With the drivetrain done I fitted the Ibis down tube guard, a nice little piece of kit that adds protection to the cables and frame.

I had hoped to use my old Syncros Ti seatpost on the Mojo, not for any weight saving (it weighs more than the Alu Ibis one funnily enough), but just to have some of my old MTB on the new one. It turns out though in all those years the width of seat rails reduced at some point so the old Ti post isn’t compatible, bummer. Speaking of seatposts, I reckon an adjustable seatpost would be the bomb on the Mojo HD. The one I’m leaning towards is a Rockshox Reverb. Running 1×10 means the remote for the seatpost could go on the left side of the handlebar, no clutter involved, and the Mojo already has the removable cable doodads on the toptube for it, cool.

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  1. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog/post while googling 1×10 drivetrain. Have you been able to get much ride time in since the install? I was thinking of going this route with my Yeti ASR. Thanks!

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