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Mountain Unicycling

OK so it may look weird, but riding a unicycle off road is awesome fun.

Fat Tire Fun

Take one MTB fat bike, cut it in half and what have you got? The awesome Nimbus Oregon!

The Oregon can definitely be a handful on regular MTB trails due to the self steering huge tire, but get it out on wet foreshore sand and it is a bunch of fun 🙂

Back to Uni

When I told my grandmother years ago that I’d go back to Uni one day I don’t think this is what either of us had in mind!

I’ve got to admit that while I absolutely _love_ mountain biking to bits I have missed being out in the bush on a mountain unicycle from time to time. It’s a unique feeling – excuse the pun.

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Goldfields Steam Train Challenge

What a great day the inaugural Goldfields Steam Train Challenge AKA Race the Train turned out to be! Cyclists could opt to ‘Race’ the train on the dirt trails that run beside the railway from Castlemaine to Maldon, or join in the social ‘Ride’ back from Maldon to Castlemaine.

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Start Train-ing

With Race the Train this Sunday I thought it was about time to dust off the 36’er and start…err… train-ing!

I haven’t ridden any significant distance on a uni for a long time, in fact I’d reckon you could count the minutes spent on unicycles in total in the last couple of years on one hand. It’s not that I don’t love uni’s, it’s just that they ended up hurting my balls way too much.

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Race the Train

There’s a pretty cool fun event coming up in Central Victoria called ‘Race the Train‘. Cyclists have the opportunity to ride/race alongside the Goldfields Railway Steam Train between the towns of Castlemaine and Maldon.

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Goodbye old Buddy!

It’s been a fun and wild ride but it’s time to say goodbye old buddy! to my KH Schlumpf 24″ Geared Unicycle (GUni). It’s headed off to Canada, to a placed called Saskatchewan. With a name that cool I’d love to go there myself, heck I would love to go to anywhere in Canada.

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