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Maydena MTB Park

It’s real, it’s open, it’s OFF THE FRICKING SHOW!

Cloud Sandwiches

So the Tassie Winter is well and truly upon us, which means fewer days on the bike as the trails are sodden with ice, snow and mud. But the flipside is there’s no shortage of awesomely moody mountain weather to enjoy! Here are a few pics at Maydena Bike Park the other day, mostly from the summit.

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Autumn Inversions

Driving out through the early morning Autumn fog to Maydena you just know there’s a good chance the top of the mountain will be sitting above the fog and cloud – it’s the season for inversions!

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Climbing Trail Laps

While just about everyone rides the shuttle to the top of the mountain at Maydena, there is a climbing trail that currently takes you ~1/4 or so the way up the mountain

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Hero Dirt & T-Shirts

It might have been snowing little more than a week ago, but the last couple of days at Maydena Bike Park have been #offtheshow as Taswegians would say.

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