OK so it wasn’t exactly a Summer forecast, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had a day off and I was heading to Maydena no matter what!

From a fresh dusting of snow on the summit to dry trails at the base, and every condition in between conditions were _variable_. I binned it a few times today, caught out by super greasy patches amongst otherwise dry trail. Good fun!

Return to Maydena Bike Park, Spring 2019

After having spent so much time on an eMTB lately, gotta say the Ripmo felt frickin awesome on the trail. Weight of the bike certainly make a ton of difference. I hadn’t ridden the Ripmo at all since I parked it for the Winter back in June. Damn it’s a nice bike.

And that’s not to forget about Maydena. Having been away from the park for a couple of months it’s like falling in love all over again. What a great park! It forces you to progress, and be on your game. Hanging out to get back out there already!

Thrash Horse, Maydena Bike Park, Tasmania

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