Okay so here’s a dose of trippy hippie sh*t for ya!

For whatever reason I kept waking up last night thinking that in the entire history of time, from the universe, to the earth, to the human species how bizarre and fortunate it is be alive right now, right at this moment… out of all of the ba-jillions upon ba-jillions of moments.

Especially if like me, you love your mountain biking!

For my money, now is the brief moment in time where the bikes, trails and riding culture are cresting together, where bikes are super capable but still relatively simple, human powered, mechanical vehicles. Go back even just 5-10 years and we weren’t quite there, go forward 5-10 years and who knows where we’ll be. Chances are MTB will at least in part surrender some of it’s mechanical purity to electronics, electric motors and who knows what else.

So where to from here? No idea, but I’ll keep on enjoying this moment!

Where to from here?

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