Cool scar I guess, but shoulder injuries definitely aren’t a bucket list item… they suck.

Four weeks after surgery and I’ve begun to make friends with the new shoulder. It kinda feels like what it is at this stage – a bunch of bones held tightly together by a hamstring. It’s not the funnest and most comfortable of feelings, especially as you try to extend its range of movement but according to the doc and physio the shoulder will continue to improve over the next two-three months after which what you’ve got is pretty well what you’ll have for the rest of your life. Other than keeping on top of rehab I try not to think about it too much, though I can’t help but marvel at how well my other shoulder works!

Being back on the Mojo HD3 feels great, even if it’s only been riding on sealed roads and garden paths. The light load and tension through the handlebars seems to be speeding the recovery of the shoulder along, and each day the small bumps along the way generate less discomfort. Certainly makes you appreciate how active your shoulder is while riding, along with all of the impacts it absorbs. But yeah it feels so good to be out rolling around again – and so soon really!

A couple of weeks ago the physio warned me of one less fun consequences of harvesting a hamstring to help repair the shoulder. Remnants of the hamstring in the leg often attach themselves to surrounding tissue, muscle etc. At 3-4 weeks following the surgery it’s quite normal to be walking along and suddenly feel like you’ve pulled a hammy as the remnants get torn away from whatever they’ve attached themselves too. Apart from riding, that’s been the main story of this week. Gotta say OUCH!

Would you leave me with a scar?

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