It’s been two weeks since the surgery on my left shoulder so thought it was about time to post an update.

The first few days after the surgery were fairly ordinary as you’d kinda expect – a good reminder of the peculiar nature of intense discomfort, even including its distinct smell. Some opiate based pain relief helped keep the party going once the hospital drugs wore off. Thankfully each day brought with it slight improvements in movement, which seemed pretty significant to me.

10 days after op, the surgeon seemed pretty happy with how things went and were going. Time for intense physiotherapy! The young physio is as keen to push me along as I am to be pushed. Better, stronger, faster… and just as stupid is the goal! 🙂

Two weeks since surgery and things are trucking along. The highlight being t-shirt/hoodie day. Finally I can get loose shirts and hoodie off and on, though it does take some time. Here’s a sped up video of the process.


Stoked to be on the mend. Being able to put on a hoodie feels like an achievement; two weeks after surgery. I sped it up a bit for ya! ☺ #ridebikesbreakshit #physiotherapyrules #ibiscycles

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The physio is helping massively – more movement each day and overall less discomfort – but by the end of each day shoulder pain is cranking off the scale. Some movements almost feel normal, but anything above level with shoulder height is pretty much impossible ATM. I’m off the opiate based pain killers so there are less places to hide which is good and bad. Quality of sleep is improving too – down to sleeping flat using my regular pillow versus being propped up, and waking up far less each night. Sleeping on either side though is a different story.

The plan is to keep hitting the physio pretty hard – not to rush the healing process and screw it up, but to keep it progressing.

Can’t imagine being back on a bike any time soon… apart from the indoor trainer. UGHH!

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