BikeRadar posted a fun article the other day about 50 ways to be a better mountain biker.

There were the usual (and admittedly useful) culprits — cross training, rest, diet, goals, stretching, yoga and stuff like that — but there lurking in position 48 of 50 was… Vroom, Vroom:

Make motorbike noises just for the hell of it. Mountain biking is all about fun after all, and who knows, it might even make you go faster!

Now I’ve always made sound effect noises when riding any wheeled gadget. I often don’t even know I’m doing it, but get busted when riding with others. I’m living the sweet dream I guess… or maybe being silly just comes natural to some.

Vroom vroom, Mountain Biking Castlemaine
Vroom vroom, Mountain Biking Castlemaine

But why stop at motorbike noises? I have heard from a reliable source that making jet noises allows you to fly further through the air! 😛

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