If you’re out in the woods on dusk and are berry berry quiet you might catch a glimpse of the trail fairies sprinkling their magic single track dust… or… you might just get distracted, eat it into a tree and be found unconscious and frozen in the morning 🙂

Either way, don’t let the short winter days get you down. Get some lights on your bike, night MTB is a blast.

Fwiw, first (and brief!) ride on the new 34 Float 160. Had it wide open on the Descend setting. So far, so good – the 34 Float doesn’t have that disconcerting flex that some forks have which make the front of the bike feel ordinary. Felt good overall, supple, but maybe a little too soft ATM. Will have another ride before rechecking sag and adding a little air if needed before moving on to trying the softest Trail setting. Full fork review to follow this week after a couple more rides.

Many thanks to my daughter Holi for her excellence and grace when it comes to operating camera gear in the dark and cold… and putting up with me!

Night riding is a blast
Night riding is a blast

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