Tucked up out of the way in the southern corner of Mystic MTB Park is Tombstone, a fun little slice of machine built flow trail.

After spending the weekend shuttling shredders in North East Victoria I was frothing for a ride by the time Monday morning came around. One super cool thing about Bright is that a ride is never too far way. You can get onto trail right in the middle of town and cruise on out to the Mystic MTB park. Nice.

Recent trail work makes Tombstone way easier to locate for folk not familiar with the area. Ride to the end of Rollercoaster along Morses Creek, cross the bridge and you’re pretty well at Tombstone. Ride on the dirt road back towards town, passing the exit of Tombstone then look out for the trail entry on your left, in the form of an unmarked climb heading back the other way. Once you’ve got that sorted the trail is an easy climb followed by a fun, flowy descent.

After a couple of fun runs down Tombstone I climbed halfway back up Mystic on the new up trail then descended on a mix of trails before cruising back into town along Morses Creek.

And all in shorts and T shirt. For mid Winter, the weather has been insanely mild lately!

Skin that Smoke Wagon and see what happens
Skin that Smoke Wagon and see what happens

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