Ibis have announced a new range of Carbon Fiber Ultra Wide Wheels and Rims, dubbed the New Normal and the New Wide.

The 928 is a carbon fiber 29er rim with 28mm width that delivers enhanced tire stability and high strength at low weight.
The 741 and 941 are carbon fiber 27.5 and 29er rims with monster 41mm widths that deliver super tire stability even with large tires at low pressure.

Ibis have posted a cool video demonstrating the benefits of wider rims.



Having spent several years mountain unicycling where the benefits of 45mm+ wide rims are taken for granted, it’s great to see wider rims becoming the norm in MTB. And Carbon Fiber at a reasonable price? That’s just cream on the cake 🙂

Check out the full storyon the New Normal and the New Wide on ibiscycles.com.

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