Passing through Rosebery I had to check out the Sterling Valley Track which features one especially awesome section of singletrack made famous by the Wildside MTB race.

Tassietrails website has great notes on how to find the Sterling Valley Track, but it turns out like other now official trails on the West Coast it is reasonably well signed.

The Cranke eMTB was the perfect weapon for the mission, as without a shuttle vehicle the ride either begins or ends with a long climb on the highway out of the township of Rosebery. There are a lot of blind, dark corners and minimal shoulder so it was good to get the road climb over and done with as quickly as possible.

There is a fair amount of fire trail type riding involved, but it’s not long before you turn onto the sweet single track section in the lower half. The trail drops down through lush forest and features super slippery moss covered rock shoots. It had been raining most of the day so yeah.. dang slippery conditions all round!

The Sterling Valley Track is definitely worth seeking out when passing through the West Coast!

Sterling Valley Track, West Coast MTB Tasmania


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