The KH24 has been getting dusty lately, but not from use on the trail. I’ve been considering selling it over the last couple of months as not many of the forest rails close to our house require a 24″ unicycle for the most part – though the 24″ was my main ride before the bigger wheels arrived. Today’s ride welcomed back the 24!

After a great ride on the KH29 at Twin Bridges I headed back this afternoon with the KH24 to work on clearing several sets of steep rickety steps cut in the hillsides as the trail drops down to the creek. I’d avoided most of those sections on the 29’er as they were well beyond my level of confidence on the day, with back surgery I had a few years ago nagging away in the back of my mind. Anyway, time to suck that up and get on with it!

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven

I spent a couple of hours riding one short section of steps. Fast, slow, with heavy use of brakes, no use of brakes, varying tire pressure, you name it. It was great fun and a great challenge too, especially as each step has its own character – with unique drop, width, angle, surface, erosion, rocks etc, nothing regular. A narrow rocky chute approach to the step section added to excitement. Like everything else in unicycling, staying relaxed and focused is key to doing it or not. Good day to be wearing leg armor as there was no shortage of UPD’s, though I could clear the short section reliably and relaxed by the end of the day, WOOHOO!

At the end of a couple of hours I’d covered hardly any distance but was exhausted and soaked through with sweat. A thoroughly enjoyable ‘ride’.

The plan from now on is supplement my 36 and 29’er off road rides with regular sessions to work on my technical skills, either on the 24″ or 20″.  Maybe by the end of Winter I’ll be able to clear all the step sections, who knows!

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