My painful relationship with the Fizik Gobi saddle has thankfully ended. It managed to cause a fair amount of damage in the undercarriage region, a first for me with any saddle. Ultrasounds and strangers fondling my junk trying to work out what the problem is… not my idea of joy!

Like everything else in MTB land there are so many options with saddles getting one that works for you is something of a lottery. Rather than chance it with another random selection the best bet was to get my sit bones measured and go from there.

Specialized Phenom
Specialized Phenom

I headed down to Total Rush, a Specialized dealer in Melbourne, got my sit bones measured (115mm)  and the Phenom Body Geometry Expert saddle to match (143mm). I’d read a bunch of good things about the Phenom saddle so really hoped for a good outcome.

After my first three hour ride using the Phenom I’m blown away. What a huge difference, the Phenom looks to be an awesome saddle for me. You can feel your weight comfortably being carried on your sit bones, perfectly positioned on the saddle, no weight where it shouldn’t be. The Phenom has has minimal padding, a little flex, a center cut out – there isn’t much to it but it works, feeling as good at the end of the ride as the beginning.

Great success, thanks Specialized!

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