Ride More Work Less – now that’s my kind of mantra to live by!

Ibis started building bikes in 1981, way back in the early early days of MTB. For guys like me who were into MTB  back then an Ibis was always something you dreamed of having as your ride one day, especially the Ibis Mojo which has been around in various flavors since ~1990.

Well… it’s only taken 20 years or so, but dang yeah there is finally an Ibis Mojo HD sitting beside my KH MUni’s 🙂

A cool thing with Ibis is that as rocking as the Mojo HD is, it isn’t just about the bike. Ibis isn’t a huge faceless corp like Giant, Specialized etc, but a small bunch of guys (~10) who are seriously into what they do, with a heaped serving of their own mojo!

Take it away Chuck Ibis with an Ibis factory tour, rundown of the Mojo HD:

The Ibis guys talk about the bikes they get around on:

Rubber Side Down

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