Nothing like a direct injection of MTB Mojo HD to jolt you awake from the half conscious haze of the daily grind. Ride More Work Less. Amen to that!

Riding unicycles off road (called MUni – Mountain Unicycling) is extremely satisfying, primarily due to the intensity and difficulty of the overall experience. MTB’ing on the other hand is extremely FUN, beavering up hills and letting it run down the other side as fast as you’re game to, on indestructible two wheeled freedom machines. It’s a different flavour of satisfaction and fun, and a rush for sure.

I’ve been obsessed with getting around on wheels most of my life I guess. My obsession with MTB’ing was interrupted in the mid 90’s by surgery. It was a bummer but through it MUni was discovered, and through MUni I became fit enough to give the MTB itch another scratch. The wheel keeps turning hey.

Ibis Mojo HD
Ibis Mojo HD

A couple of rides in and the Ibis Mojo HD is a beautiful thang. Even though getting the suspension fully dialed in will take some time, I’m already super impressed by the combination of plush ride and direct transfer of power. Point it down any hill and the Mojo HD feels super balanced, the slack head angle inspiring confidence with the bonus of making you feel like Easy Rider as you cruise the streets on your way to the ride, hanging off of the huge handlebars that are the norm these days — oh yeah baby, check my wheels. No complaints with climbing either, like a mountain goat. Did I mention it sure looks mighty purdy? Of course that doesn’t matter… yeah right!

Due to its history my Mojo HD has a fairly ‘non standard’ mix of parts ATM, including a 1×9, soon to be 1×10 drivetrain. 1×9/1×10 is a compromise compared to having ‘more gears’ but not compared to riding a 1×1 36″ unicycle in the bush – now THAT is a compromise. Guys can list the pro’s and con’s of 3×10 vs 2×10 all they want, but the simplicity of 1×10 has a strong appeal for me. It will be fun to see if I can ‘man up’ enough to make it work on the trails around Castlemaine.

I’ll be keeping an ongoing journal of life with the Mojo HD including rides, parts and anything else that comes up along the way.

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