Headed out with Hozza for another night adventure, this time to a steep gully crossing that finds its way into most of my rides.

The first time I came across it I thought there was no way I’d ever drop down into the gully, day or night. Looking at it from on the bike it just seemed too crazy for an old coot like me. I got off and walked the bike down the first time and no surprises, it wasn’t as steep as it had looked. As my shoes slip and slid down I started to think it could be more fun and easier if I’d just stayed on the bike.

I’ve ridden the crossing ever since then, dropping in and popping back up the other side. Lots of fun and not too hard either, just need to be in the right gear to make it up the other side. Never ridden it at night though, so it seemed like the thing to do.

It’s a fun thing, the progression from no way I’ll ever do that! right through to dropping in at night. Even old buzzards can find their mojo 😛

Thanks again to Hozza for the shutter work, onya girl!

Night Mojo
Night Mojo

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