A few weeks ago Pinkbike posted that Chris Akrigg had broken his femur and arm while out on his bike. Ouch! Being the dude he is, he’s just posted a video of the accident, including his previous failed attempts at the same line. As he understates while lying at the bottom of the cliff errm.. taken a little bit of a hit.

While recovering is not a fun time for Chris, his commentary and the vision make for an amazing story. He’s a very lucky guy – that was a big fall.

Given the risk involved in doing the stuff guys like Akrigg and Macaskill do, the level of commitment and skill is huge and while their videos flow as if they just roll up and ride a line first go, that’s not always the case. Check out Chris Akrigg in the Step of Death where he just keeps trying and failing one line in a quarry, trying and failing for a couple of hours. The self talk along the way is classic, eventually leading to Chris conceding defeat for the day.

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