The bungy at Nevis has been on my bucket list for way too many years, from before my hair was grey and that’s a while ago…! Ever since seeing media coverage of Nevis ~15 years ago it’s been something I’ve really, really wanted to experience for myself.

So you can imagine I was feeling stoked AF to be flying down through the stunning Southern Alps into Queenstown on a picture perfect New Zealand day, with the Nevis Thrillogy (Bungy, Swing and Catapult) booked for the afternoon.

After checking in and getting weighed at AJ Hackett in central Queenstown it’s a 40 minute bus ride out to Nevis. Along the way the driver does his best to wind everyone up telling tales of bungy terror while tunes such as Highway to Hell and Monty Python’s Always look at the bright side of life blare out over the bus sound system.

On arrival at Nevis, you’re quickly harnessed up and sent out to the jump pod on the cable trolley, dangling above the massive valley views below.

And the jump? I’ve been wanting to do it for so long, it didn’t take long before nerves gave way to sheer excitement and anticipation. The experience was everything I’d hoped for and more. Such a sublime thrilling state of peace free falling 134m into the canyon at Nevis, followed by the awesome recoil of the bungy. There as no way I was leaving only having jumped once, so jumped a second time after completing the Nevis Thrillogy. I would have jumped all afternoon had it been possible!

To top the day off the AJ Hackett crew were super welcoming and professional, even to an old buzzard like me. Thanks guys!

Bucket List Day! Nevis Bungy Queenstown New Zealand

Honestly I think everyone should experience the feeling of a big bungy jump! The Nevis Swing and Catapult are good fun, but the Bungy is something else, something primal. It’s so good, so very very good.

Live more, fear less!

Send it! Nevis Bungy Queenstown New Zealand
Do a swannie! Nevis Bungy Queenstown New Zealand
Bucket list moment, Nevis Bungy Queenstown New Zealand
5,4,3,2,1… BUNGY!
Horns up for Bungy! Such a great day. Nevis Thrillogy Queenstown NZ

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