Another day off, time to explore another North East Tassie mountain!

Mt Saddleback sits not far from Mt Victoria and Mt Albert. It has a similar abrupt appearance, and I guess shares a similar history/geology. Unlike Mt Victoria however, the climb takes you up the exposed northern face. No lush rainforest, but dry aussie bush and rock the whole way to the top. Like Mt Victoria though, the rock at the top of the mountain is super cool. I had a bunch of fun roaming around exploring before heading back down.

Just as a side note, it’s pretty clear from the state of the trail and flagging tape, very few people climb Mt Saddleback. In some places you have to look hard to work out the way ahead, made trickier by the small rock cairns being so old they blend into the moss covered surrounding rock. ┬áDon’t be put off though – it’s a fun hike and definitely worth a visit.

The mountains are calling and I must go

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