First stop at Falls Creek was Mt McKay which feels like the top of the world, or at least the surrounding Bogong High Plains. One super handy thing about Mt McKay is that you can drive to the summit. In fact it’s the highest drivable peak in Australia. You can get from the Falls Creek village to the summit of McKay in around ~10mins. Nice!

Over the years I lived at Falls Creek I spent many sunrises and sunsets on McKay, more often than not just sitting and soaking in the mountains. This time around I’d brought the Mojo HD3 along and had a bunch of fun snapping pics with the Gopro and phone while the sun set. Love the¬†shape of the Mojo HD3 in silhouette!

And for a laugh here’s a pic of me on Mt Mckay from the early 1990’s, caught in a Summer snowstorm.

Snowstorm on Mt Mckay, early 1990's
Snowstorm on Mt Mckay, early 1990’s

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