I’ve been eyeing off Mt Cameron for a while now, as it sits on the horizon of each trip across to Weldborough and the Blue Tier. Finally got a chance to explore it today, and man there are some cool lines in the top half of the mountain!

Didj the kelpie came along for the adventure. He was happy to snooze half way up the mountain, beside the large boulder in the pic, while I continued up to the summit. Awesome reward of huge views of the coast and surrounding mountains. The weather started to close in… but that didn’t stop me being stupid 🙂

ps. For anyone wanting to do the Mt Cameron hike here’s how to get there. Turn down Waterhouse Rd in the centre of Gladstone. Travel ~10km down Waterhouse Rd before turning left onto Old Port Rd, an unsigned dirt road. Look for the high voltage power lines that cross Waterhouse Rd. Old Port Road runs beside these lines. Travel down Old Port Rd for ~7.1km before veering left at the fork. Travel down this road until you reach a locked steel gate. Park there, and ride or walk the 1-2km to the Scottsdale High School field study camp. Continue past the building. The the start of the walking trail is signed. Shaboom.

Windy on the summit much!


Exploring Mt Cameron with Didj the kelpie

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