Unicycle Training Frame
27 May 2009

Unicycle Training Frame

Unicycling with the kids in years 3 through to 6 is going great!

27 May 2009

Unicycling with the kids in years 3 through to 6 is going great! The kids have shown loads of enthusiasm and determination and are well on their way to unicycling off into the sunset 🙂

The lack of suitable fixed railings at the school made the initial learning feel trickier than it already is. I got to work on a portable training frame — one that could comfortably fit 8 unicyclists, fit in the back of the van along with the unicycles and take a short amount of time to assemble/disassemble.

When not in use at the weekly Daylesford Unicycling Get Together the training frame is assembled in a corner of the tennis court at the school so the kids can unicycle whenever it fits in — during lunch hours, after school and one weekly session during school time.

The kids are progressing well, mainly riding around the frame in both directions:

  • Holding frame with both hands
  • Holding frame with one hand, other hand supported by a person (some don’t require this step)
  • Holding frame with one hand
  • Holding frame with one hand and riding off every now and then
  • Riding away from the frame supported on one hand by a person
  • Riding away from the frame, solo, woohoo!
Unicycles and Portable Training Rail

Learner Unicycles and Portable Training Frame

Everyone agrees that the training frame has been a big help!

Uni's and Training Frame packed in van

Uni’s and Training Frame packed in van

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  1. Jasmine June 27th, 2009 2:47AM

    I like the frame because it really helps people if they don’t know how to unicycle.

  2. keith & aaron August 7th, 2009 5:47PM

    We liked the frame too, when we were learning to ride, it made it a lot easier to learn. Thanks Peter for teaching us and giving up your time.