Montezuma Falls, located in the rainforests outside of Rosebery, is Tasmania’s highest waterfall. It also happens to be located on one of the official West Coast MTB trails!

It’s a super easy but stunning 4km ride (or walk) into the waterfall along an old tramway alignment the rainforest is slowly reclaiming. An awesome, narrow swing bridge offers great views of Montezuma Falls and also forms part of the MTB trail. Only in Tassie hey! 🙂

I rode in on my Cranke eMTB which was a lot fun and meant I had more time to explore things along the way but not necessary here at the trail into the falls is very close to dead flat.

The North West is  definitely a stunning part of Tasmania, with a history coloured for better or worse by various industries.  I’m keen to return and ride the rest of the trail past Montezuma Falls for sure!

Montezuma Falls, West Coast MTB, Tasmania



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