I couldn’t get organized in time to join the Rocky Riders Australia Day ride yesterday morning but headed out later anyway hoping to cross paths with the group somewhere along the way. It wasn’t to be but no worries it was a good ride anyway, ~30km of single track.

I wanted to back it up today with another good ride after work, mainly to see how my fitness was going. My body wasn’t too enthused initially but warmed up to the idea. Sometimes you’ve just gotta push through. Ended up having lots of fun buzzing around the Baco trails.

One interesting thing about being on the other side of 40 is that it can become too easy to doubt and think ‘there’s no way can I do that‘ — I guess it’s natures way, compared to say being in your 20’s when there’s not even the question of can you do it or not, you can do everything!

I was riding a trail in the ‘wrong direction’ and came across a 1-1.5m ledge you usually drop off coming the other way. With sections close to vertical or overhanging immediately I thought ‘no way I can ride up that‘. I got off the Mojo and started to scramble up the face with the bike, laughing about how lame this must look — an old loser pushing a mountain goat of a bike.

Ibis Mojo HD, Going Up!
Ibis Mojo HD, Going Up!

Summon up some mojo and go back and try to ride up it you old loser!

So I did.

Surprisingly I almost made it up the first attempt. Not enough speed plus too low a gear. That ain’t gonna work.

Second attempt, more speed, bigger gear. Success.

Seriously though, the Mojo HD hooks up so well on climbs, it makes you rethink what’s rideable.

Mojo Rising! 😛

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