Hehe well that was a lot of fun! McKayos, Australia’s own little mini Mega Avalanche, turned it on.

We didn’t score the picture perfect day they had last year but hey that’s mountain weather for ya! Warm weather also meant the snow was way too soft to ride on so there was LOTS of running AKA slush puppy sliding down the slopes like madmen before reaching the village. The course then headed down Pack horse trail and Junction Spur before ending at Bogong Village. The latter especially will be good for an after work blast this Summer!

It was around this time last year I axed my shoulder, which in turn messed up the Summer riding season. So dressed in a skeleton onesie the plan at McKayos was to have some fun and stay in one piece. All up job done, and even managed to sneak inside the top 20.

Great job Falls Creek!

Special thanks to Joris van Kruijssen at RELIVE.cc for generating the replay even though the course length fell short of Relive’s 20km minimum.

Some pics from the gazillions the Gopro snapped along the way:

McKayos 2016
McKayos 2016

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