For some reason hating on Kona seems to be a popular pastime in online MTB forums. Regardless, when looking around for a new bike prior to the Mojo HD,  Kona’s Abra Cadabra with its Magic Link kept popping up on the short list. I liked the idea of it and it was a little off beat too. There were glitches in the Kona Matrix though – there weren’t any Kona stores that stocked the bike, nor recommended buying it!

The other day on Pinkbike a story on Enduro racing caught my attention. Enduro sounds like an event format custom made for All Mountain machines, cool:

Often described as one of the purest forms of modern racing, the discipline combines all the elements of contemporary mountain biking: wicked fly bike that can climb and descend really fast, powerful lungs and legs for sprint climbing and rolling descents, and mad bike skills under anaerobic duress.

What I didn’t notice straight away is that the video featured the Abra Cadabra. I guess the title of the video was too subtle for me… DOH!

So anyway, cool event format, cool video.

Magic Link Enduro Sessions story on Pinkbike

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