It’s pretty cool when you’re birthday turns out to be a cracking day for a ride! 

I’ve really been enjoying exploring the trail network around Bright. There’s definitely variety! From meandering river trails, to machine cut descents, to hand built DH gnar. It’s dead easy to mix and match trails to come up with whatever ride you’re feeling like.

Since it was my (49th!) birthday and a cracking, sunny Saturday the basic plan was to ride until the tank was empty. The afternoon ended up being a mix of river trails, Tombstone, Buddha Hood, Slider, then across to the main park area, up DJ, and onto the top of Mystic Hill,  finishing off with Mystic DH.

The Mojo 3 Plus looks to be a great match for North East Vic overall, with the exception of fully blown DH double blacks like Mystic. Man did I have my arse way, way behind that monster truck rear tire. Mystic has shitloads of steep and nasty. Narrow, off camber, roots, rocks and ruts you disappear into – made all the more intense by the the rain the night before AKA slippery as all f*ck. For me I think it’ll be a matter of sessioning Mystic section by section on the Mojo 3. Good project for sure, great for skills too.

August 13, Trail 13. Gotta love that.

Ending Aug 13 on Trail 13
Ending Aug 13 on Trail 13


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