Aussie Ibis Mojo people! You may have noticed that the Ibis USA site states there are currently ‘No Dealers in Australia’.

But heads up! You can definitely buy Ibis bikes in Australia right now. Ibis Mojo 3. Mojo HD3. Ripley 29er. Tranny. The lot! And… you can buy your Ibis from folk that know and love Ibis bikes, and have for many years. You can also test ride Ibis bikes on trails minutes from the store or hire them for longer periods of time.

Where? The place of which I speak is Over the Edge Sports at Melrose, South Australia. Rich and Kerri have been selling Ibis for longer than anyone else in Australia. Along with Ibis frames and bikes casually on display throughout the store, eagle eyed people will also spy Mojo bit and pieces going back many years. Don’t live anywhere near Melrose? No problem. Rich and Kerri will happily ship bikes to anywhere in Australia. In fact I bought my original Mojo HD from Over the Edge back in 2010 and have returned to Melrose many times since, including shooting a video for the release of the Mojo HDR. It’s a cool place to hang out BTW.

So looking to buy an Ibis Mojo 3 in Australia? Looking to buy an Ibis Mojo HD3 in Australia? Looking to buy a Ripley 29er in Australia? Get in touch with Rich and Kerri at Over the Edge on Facebook or visit their web site. Tell em the hippie sent ya 🙂


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