Hang around for a minute or two and it’s obvious the Ibis crew clearly love what they’re doing, are having a bunch of fun doing it and are happy share the love around. It’s evident in their bikes, and in how the company interacts with the unwashed cycling masses.

During April Ibis is celebrating its 30th birthday with 30 years/30 days/30 stories. Chuck and the gang plan to post a story every day or thereabouts during the month, revisiting all things Ibis and mountain biking over the past three decades. The birthday celebrations also feature more cool illustrations by Chris McNally (as shown above).

Ibis was started way back in 1981 without money and without a plan. Thinking about that for a minute, it’s nice to know that not much has changed in 30 years!

For anyone who lives and breathes  bikes, even if you don’t own an Ibis set of wheels, I reckon 30 years/30 days/30 stories is a great opportunity to feel the wheel love and take a ride back down memory lane, and going forward will be a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about the history of MTB.

From one hippie to another Happy birthday Ibis, here’s to the next 30!

ps. Can I just put a request in for an Ibis walking stick, 2040-2050, thanks!

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