It’s taken a while but I’ve finally gathered a decent collection of learner uni’s to use in schools and community unicycling sessions. I think it’s important to offer a range of wheel sizes when running unicycle sessions, not just to cater for the wide range of ages (from 5 upwards) of people learning but also to give people who can ride the opportunity to try out different size uni’s they might not otherwise.

Learner Uni Fleet
Family of Learner Unicycles

The family of learner unicycles currently includes:

The range of sizes works really well. Everyone who can unicycle wants to try a 12″ – they are just plain fun – and 12″ is great for young small kids. 16″ uni’s look groovy and are great size for primary school aged kids to learn on. 20″ learner uni’s are the workhorses, for older kids and adults to learn on. 24″ uni’s introduce some speed. 29″ is a great all round size, versatile, speedy but without the weight of the 36’er. The 36″ wheel – everyone who can unicycle should ride one at least once in their life to experience the feeling of spinning the big wheel!

The uni’s pack into the back of my van, along with the Portable Unicycle Training Frame.

Missing from the family are a couple of intermediate MUni’s, oh and a giraffe maybe, then it will be complete!

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