It might still officially be Winter, but out of the blue today was a perfect Spring Saturday for a uni ride around Lake Daylesford with some upcoming MUni addicts.

After meeting up at the Boathouse Cafe we headed off around the entire lake circuit, the longest distance a few of the guys have ridden so far.


The 'Posh' pose
The ‘Posh’ pose

We stopped off at anything interesting along the way including a grassy hill, great place for practicing descending skills.

Grassy Hill Challenge
Grassy Hill Challenge

We continued on to the less visited ‘other half’ of the lake.

Cruising along
Cruising along

We didn’t run into too many walkers, well actually only one… literally… OUCH!

And somehow during a UPD one the unicycles slid between the wooden fence, down the bank and ended up floating in the lake 🙂

After completing a circuit of the lake we headed down to Central Springs. Some not so great tasting mineral water but some great riding.

Before heading back to the Boathouse Cafe.

Good one guys!

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