The KH Brake Bracket is a cool little gizmo that bolts to the four front bumper bolts, providing a great location to mount brake levers – so braking can be done with one or two fingers while holding the front bumper. The KH36 comes with a brake bracket. Note the nuts without the flange on the front bolts.

Kris Holm Brake Bracket, KH36
Kris Holm Brake Bracket, KH36

There’s one small glitch with the brake bracket to be aware of – if you’re buying one to add on to a uni, you may be unlucky and receive a brake bracket that doesn’t have enough clearance to be able to fit the standard nuts, which is all you’ll have as the nuts without the flange aren’t included with the bracket… DOH!

KH mentioned the welds are meant to be blown to leave enough room but that doesn’t always happen. In which case you’ll either need to go out and buy nuts, or grind away some of the weld to make enough room.

Not enough clearance? Is now...
Not enough clearance? Is now…

Don’t do what I did though – I used an angle grinder, and at night. For a job like this a Dremel would be a better option!

TIP: Don’t overtighten the brake handle. Tightend just enough to hold it steady, so it’s still able to move and rotate if it happens to hit the ground/objects during a UPD – much better than breaking it!

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