As part of my KH29″ Freeride project I ordered a 2009 Moment Hub which arrived early this week. The hub will be paired with the new KH 29″ Freeride rim.

Looks-wise the new hub is reminiscent of early oversized MTB hubs, which is a good thing IMO –  it’s great to see unicycling design and functionality heading away from circus and more towards MTB/road bikes.

Kris Holm 2009 Moment Hub
Kris Holm 2009 Moment Hub

Hub info from Kris Holm:

Hub flanges are now machined 7075 aluminum, to increase strength and provide a better angle for spokes. Flanges are 36-splined and pressed onto corresponding axle splines, eliminating all welds (cranks are still ISIS). The hub body is hollow (except for the spindle); the CrMo version has a black aluminum body and the Ti MomenTi hub has a very beautiful glossy carbonfibre body. The CrMo version is very slightly lighter (32 g), and the Ti version is very slightly heavier (18g). In practical terms the weights are the same.

I’m really looking forward to getting the Freeride wheel built and taking it for a spin – which tire to try first!

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