My KH36 arrived and wow, that is one big sucker of a wheel! I’ve been working on the Jump Mount on the KH29 with the, so the first thing to face up to was jump mounting the 36 – Tadaa!

This is my fourth KH unicycle and the most expensive. I had high expectations and was disappointed by a couple of things on the KH36. Most importantly, the wheel build is terrible – the wheel is out of round, out of true and some spokes are way overtightened. It looks like I’ll be getting the wheel rebuilt.

Less important but not great attention to detail – the KH blue seems to have morphed into two tone. UDCA have offered to repaint the frame which is very generous of them. I’m not sure I’ll take them up on the offer as it seems to be a lot of trouble for something that should’ve been ok

KH Blues?
KH Blues?

These things aside the 36 is something else to ride, having a very different feel to the 29 and smaller uni’s. It’s much heavier but also much smoother and stable. Once you get the wheel spinning you can really feel the flywheel effect.

I’ve decided to run the cranks at 150’s initially to get used to the feel of it and see where it goes from there. I’d like to participate in some longer road rides too, like the upcoming Bike Around the Bay in Melbourne… we’ll see!

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