I’ve been using the Specialized Phenom Body Geometry Expert saddle for two months now, time to revisit the all important Junk Joy index.

The short version is I am LOVING the Phenom saddle. It’s just works extremely well. Why aren’t all saddles this great?

There is no discomfort at all, anywhere, hour after hour, including the junk region. The saddle is firm and minimal but just the right shape. The design also flexes significantly adding to the comfort. In the words of Goldilocks it’s ‘just right‘.

Having the saddle width matched to your sit bones means your butt doesn’t just get plonked down anywhere on the saddle, but in exactly the right location. Where you should be sitting on the saddle is crystal clear. You can’t miss it.

Junk Joy! Specialized Phenom Body Geometry Saddle Review
Junk Joy! Specialized Phenom Body Geometry Saddle Review

It’s not just where to sit, but how to sit. The Phenom also lets you know when your riding posture is getting sloppy e.g. when your lower back starts to fatigue and more weight goes onto your arms. As a part of this your pelvis rotates slightly forward, placing weight where it’s not meant to be carried. The neat thing is you can feel this immediately via the Phenom’s butt/saddle connection, and then go onto correct your posture. Cool.

As I mentioned the Phenom by design flexes quite a bit, which leads to the only minor minor annoyance I have with the saddle to date. When everything is going on and the saddle is flexing occasionally the saddle rails make a slight ‘knocking sound’ as they move around in the holders. No biggie.

What really matters though is the junk joy index, and it’s off the scale with this baby. The Phenom Body Geometry saddle has been a revelation.


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