After flooding rain and stinking heat, some awesome weather!

A cool 6 degree night, much more like Victoria we’re used to compared to the mid 20’s we’ve had during the night lately, and only a max of 22 degrees today. Sweet. The forecast for this week looks great but no doubt there’s more summer to come yet so best bet is to shut up and ride.

Don’t know whether it was due to the party pies, lollies and cake at my daughter’s belated birthday party yesterday or just the cool conditions this morning, but  lots of MTB mojo today, the fuel gauge was full, felt GREAT. I was tempted to make it into an epic ride but kept it a reasonable length, instead opting to do some trail maintenance along the way.

I'm so saw, MTB Trail Maintenance
I’m so saw, MTB Trail Maintenance

With all of the rain and wind in recent months a lot of trees have fallen, including quite a few across the local bike trails. Some require a chainsaw to clear, some are small enough to drag off the track. A bunch though are in between and can be cleared with a hand saw. Since I ride the trails often I should help keep them clear so bought a folding camping style handsaw, light and small enough to fit in the Camelbak. I cleared a couple of fallen trees using the saw, with a fresh new blade it worked quite well.

Next time I’m out on the trail I’ll be able to buzz on through, cool.

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