Ibis released a new Mojo today, the Mojo SL-R, a 140mm trail bike:

We started from scratch and did a full reboot.

Everything is new.

The Mojo gave way to the Mojo SL which led to the Mojo HD. What we learned from the continual development of all those bikes was combined, and the result is the Mojo SL-R

The SL-R looks to be a impressive piece of machinery, and could provide some handy clues as to what’s next for the Mojo HD and the Ibis 29’er. It’s great to see Ibis continue to develop what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and functional MTB frames out there — it’s an inspired piece of design for sure.

Chuck Ibis giving the run down on the SL-R at Sea Otter:

There are a several great resources already online for the Mojo SL-R, rather than re-posting information here go and check them out!

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