One of the cool new features on the Ibis Mojo HDR is ISCG 05 compatibility. Mojo riders can now graze freely on the wide range of standard guides! The ISCG implementation on the HDR is pretty schmick too – check out the pics below. The ISCG Mounting Plate interfaces with the bottom bracket, holding the plate in place while allowing for it to be positioned as needed. Don’t want or need ISCG support? Simple, don’t install the plate. Sweet.

I’ve chosen to run the E Thirteen  XCX+ I05 Guide on my Mojo HDR. In short it rocks and is much tidier (and more robust IMO) versus a guide that hangs down front derailleur direct mount.  You can read about the E Thirteen  XCX+ I05 here.

Ibis Mojo HDR ISCG Adapter Plate
Ibis Mojo HDR ISCG 05 Mounting Plate
Ibis Mojo HDR E Thirteen XCX+ I05 Guide
Ibis Mojo HDR E Thirteen XCX+ I05 Guide


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