While the Ibis Mojo HDR features the molding technology found in the SL-R (strength of the HD but lighter!) and ISCG compatibility, its neatest trick is its ability to convert from the renowned 160mm 26″ beast that the HD is to a 130mm travel 650b bike with low bottom bracket and a ~67.1 head angle. Ibis have built a new rear triangle with clearance suited for 650b wheels with 27.5″ tires up 2.35″ in size.

Got your 650b wheels and fork ready? Just add in a new set of limbo chips and 130mm travel rear shock and within 10 minutes you’ve got yourself one very capable Ibis Mojo HDR 650b!

Ibis Mojo HDR 650b Conversion: 26″ > 27.5″ in 90 seconds



Many thanks to Rich at Over the Edge for the loan of his 650b wheelset and fork, not to mention use of his store! Many thanks to Dave, OTE’s mechanic and star of the conversion video. As Chuck Ibis said ‘the afro rocks’!

With the HDR converted to 650b the only thing to do was ride it which is exactly what I did until Rich finally caught up with me and wanted his wheels and fork back. Find out how the Mojo HDR 130mm 650b compared to the 160mm 26″ here!


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