Kate Reed Reserve
17 May 2017

Kate Reed Reserve

Right beside the freeway, airport, Macca’s and Bunnings!

17 May 2017

I had a brief spin on the Trevallyn trails in Launceston the other week, really have to get back there to have a better look around. This week though took the Mojo 3 into town and checked out Kate Reed Reserve. The trails are pretty easy to find, in fact I drove right past the trailhead exiting the freeway just down from the Launceston airport – handy location!

Kate Reed isn’t a huge park and is hemmed in by major roads so once you get a feel for the lay of the land and the central spine-like return trail, getting around it is a snap. Like Trevallyn a bunch of work is being done on the network, reshaping with machines, adding features, drainage and capping.

It was a fairly cold and grey afternoon, but I had a fun couple of hours ripping around the network. Props to the trail guys!

Chasin the llow at Kate Reed

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